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Welcome to the 33rd edition of Royalties on Demand - your guide to generating consistent income online.

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, be prepared 😅 it’s quite long with a lot to cover but you will find:

  • Start The New Year Right

  • Your KDP Books Will FAIL Without This...

  • Passive Income Report For December 2023

Start The New Year Right

Starting John Wick GIF by John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

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Can you believe 7 days of 2024 have already gone by?

I can’t remember most of the things I’ve done this week, which makes me realize how quickly time can slip by when we're caught up in the routine of daily life.

In reality, we’ve all got unexpected things that come our way, challenges we are facing and goals we want to accomplish.

But if we don’t get to grips with finding time for ourselves another year will go quickly with the same results.

"Time is a precious resource and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever." – Zig Ziglar

If you only make one decision this year, then decide to be ruthless with your time.

Prioritize your health, wealth, faith, goals, and future then mark down time in your schedule to improve the areas that matter to you.

“If you can spend 8 hours building someone else's dreams you can spend 1 hour building your own.” Dan Koe

Can you wake up 1 hour earlier to find time?

Can you turn off Netflix to find time?

Sacrifices will have to be made if you want 2024 to be different.

Start with finding 1 hour or even 30 minutes to start with to dedicate to your goals.

I started my KDP journey by getting up 1 hour earlier before my 9-5 to begin working on my books. After building this habit, I then began to dedicate some of my lunch and 1 hour after work as I had momentum.

Eventually, as the years went on I found success with Amazon KDP and other online streams that enabled me to quit my 9-5.

This all came from just dedicating 1 hour each morning to a side hustle.

The journey wasn’t easy but it was worth the sacrifices to pursue freedom.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." Steve Jobs

Each Sunday in January, I will be walking my newsletter subscribers through my process of creating books.

Sunday 7th- Mindset/Research

In last week’s poll I asked “What challenges do you face most in the research phase of book creation?”

Finding profitable niches had the majority of the votes (61.76%). This week’s newsletter will be dedicated to finding profitable niches.

Sunday 14th-Book Creation Process

Sunday 21st-Uploading Process

Sunday 28th-Marketing

Sunday 4th Feb - Reviewing Some Of Your Books

To help me prepare content for Sunday 14th, please let me know:

Your KDP Books Will FAIL Without This...

I often get emails from subscribers discouraged by their KDP sales, 95% of the books they send are failing because of one reason.


If you don’t get the research process right, your book will be lost in the vast sea of Amazon products.

The keywords you choose will determine the success of your book.

My goal is to provide clarity for your research process and to help you to know exactly what to look for.

So how do you find these profitable keywords?

Firstly you need to understand what keywords are.

Keywords are vital for visibility and discoverability.

They help connect your book with the right audience by matching search queries to your book's content.

Short-tail keywords are broad, often one or two words, like "thriller" or "cookbook." They have high search volume but also high competition, making it challenging for your book to stand out.

Long-tail keywords, however, are more specific phrases, like "vegan recipes for beginners" or "historical thriller in Victorian London."

These have lower search volumes but are less competitive and more targeted, leading to higher conversion rates.

They allow authors to reach a niche audience actively searching for specific content, making them particularly effective for driving relevant traffic to your book's page on Amazon.

Secondly, you need to understand the criteria for profitable keywords.

I always recommend the following steps:

  1. Is your keyword being searched for in the Amazon search bar?

  2. Is there a low amount of search results for that keyword (under 2000 results)?

  3. Are there several books with low BSR’s under 100,000 for that keyword?

  4. Are recent books created under the keyword selling well?

I’ll give you a quick test that you can do, take the title of any of your self-published books. If you haven’t published a book yet, use the title of a book that you are thinking about creating. 

Follow the 4 steps listed above, if your book does not meet the criteria above then in most cases that’s the reason why you not making a high amount of sales.

I’ll break it down further:

Is your keyword being searched for in the Amazon search bar?

Your keyword needs to show as being searched for in the Amazon search bar for these reasons:

  1. Visibility and Discoverability: Amazon operates as a search engine for buyers. When potential customers search for a specific keyword that matches your book's keyword, your book appears in the search results. This visibility is crucial for discoverability among millions of books on the platform.

  2. Relevance to Audience: Keywords are representative of what customers are actively looking for. If your keyword aligns with the search queries, it means your book is relevant to the current interests and needs of your target audience.

  3. Increased Sales Opportunities: Books that appear in search results for popular keywords have a higher chance of being viewed and purchased. This visibility directly translates to increased sales opportunities.

  4. Competitive edge: Using well-researched and highly searched keywords can give your book a competitive edge. It helps your book to stand out in a niche or category that is popular and frequently searched for.

Is there a low amount of search results for that keyword (under 2000 results)?

Here’s why it’s important:

  1. Reduced Competition: Fewer search results for a keyword mean less competition. With under 2000 results, your book has a better chance of standing out. In a pool with thousands of results, even a well-optimized book can get lost in the crowd.

  2. Higher Search Ranking Possibility: With fewer competing books, your book has a greater chance of appearing on the first page of search results for that keyword. Since most customers do not go beyond the first or second page of search results, being on the first page can significantly increase your book's visibility.

  3. Indication of Untapped Markets: A lower number of search results might suggest that the market isn't oversaturated, potentially revealing untapped or emerging markets. This can be an excellent opportunity for authors to establish themselves as leading voices in new or niche areas.

  4. Balancing Demand and Supply: Ideally, you want a keyword that has sufficient demand (people are searching for it) but not too much supply (not too many competing books). Under 2000 results strikes this balance, indicating a demand that is not yet fully met by the existing books.

Are there several books with low BSR’s under 100,000 for that keyword?

Here’s why:

  1. Proof of Market Demand: A low BSR (under 100,000) indicates that a book is selling well. If multiple books associated with a specific keyword have low BSRs, it suggests there is a strong, existing demand for that topic or genre on Amazon. This is a good sign for authors because it indicates a healthy market with interested buyers.

  2. Validation of Keyword Relevance: When several books ranking under a particular keyword have low BSRs, it implies that the keyword is highly relevant and appealing to readers. This relevance is crucial for your book to attract the right audience.

  3. Potential for Long-Term Sales: A low BSR over time suggests consistent sales. If books under a certain keyword maintain low BSRs, it indicates a stable market where your book could potentially achieve long-term sales success.

Are recent books created under the keyword selling well?

This final step is critical as it shows:

  1. Diverse Market Competition: When recent books under a particular keyword are selling well, it suggests a diverse market where no single author or brand dominates. This diversity indicates that there is room for new authors to enter and make their mark.

  2. Opportunity for Market Entry: The success of newer books demonstrates that the market is receptive to fresh content and new authors. If only long-established books were selling well, it could suggests the keyword is dominated by those books or brand and it would be difficult to sell.

  3. Level Playing Field for New Sellers: A keyword with multiple successful recent books implies a more level playing field. It means that success is not reserved only for established names, but also accessible to newer sellers who can offer quality content.

Now that you understand the importance of meeting these criteria, let’s go after finding these profitable keywords:

I’ll link 2 helpful videos from my Youtube channel that walk you through strategies to find profitable keywords.

Please don’t think this process is quick, it does take time to find profitable keywords but I would rather take to find these keywords then rush through and create a book for it not to sell.

I wasted the first few month of my KDP journey doing this so it’s much better to start slow and just focus on finding profitable keywords this week before moving onto to creating your book which we will cover next week.

Passive Income Report For December 2023

2023 was a wonderful year for passive income as December was my record month.

I’ve been tracking these 4 passive income streams throughout the year to show you what’s possible when you decide to build an online business.

Here is the breakdown:

Amazon KDP

I made $7305.69, the biggest amount I’ve made so far. You can read about it in depth below.


December was also an impressive month on Medium making over $600, you can read about it further below:


I made $363.62 from Youtube during December. The second lowest amount this year so far however I have no complaints, I’ve seen massive growth this year and created 77 videos. I only created 3 videos in December as I enjoyed the month and took a long festive break.

Affiliate Marketing

In December I made $197.43 from affiliates. I promote several products and services on my social media platforms and each time someone decides to buy I earn a small commission.

I don’t share these online income streams to boast but to inspire you and show the potential of starting something online.

Take action and if you have any questions then just reply to this newsletter and I’ll get back to you.

Need Help?

At Royalties on Demand, I offer various services tailored to aspiring authors and self-publishers looking to make a mark in the industry.

  • You can find free templates designed to simplify the design process and enhance your books' visual appeal.

  • My one-to-one coaching sessions provide personalized guidance and mentorship, allowing you to face the challenges of publishing with ease.

  • For those looking to delve deeper into the world of AI Coloring Books, my comprehensive eBook is packed with insider tips, strategies, and step-by-step instructions to guide you towards success.

Once again, thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. Have an awesome week ahead and I look forward to catching up with you next week.

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