Your Book Cover Matters More Than You Think!

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  • Why Do You Create?

  • Your Book Cover Matters More Than You Think!

  • How To Make $100+ A Month On Medium In 2024

Why Do You Create?

Friday 12th January is known as National Quitters Day.

Where the majority quit on their New Year resolutions.

In last week’s newsletter, I discussed the importance of finding time and having a plan.

However, that will only get you so far if you don’t have a strong reason why.

Without a purpose for your goals, you will join the majority and quit in the first month.

Planning and setting goals is the easy part, but when it starts to get tough, The "why" is the driving force behind your actions.

When you have a clear and strong reason for doing something, it fuels your motivation, especially during times when your willpower is low or when you encounter obstacles.

It's crucial to revisit and reinforce the 'why' behind your resolutions.

  1. Revisit Your Goals: Reflect on why you set these goals, be it for health, career, or relationships. This can reignite your motivation.

  2. Visualize Success: Imagine the benefits of achieving your goals. This visualization keeps you focused and motivated.

  3. Simplify Your Goals: Break large goals into smaller tasks. Celebrate each achievement to keep up your momentum.

  4. Build a Support Network: Share your goals with friends or family for support and accountability.

  5. Be Flexible with Your Plan: If your current plan isn't working, don't hesitate to modify it for better results.

  6. Emphasize Progress: Remember that setbacks are normal. Focus on the progress you've made rather than aiming for perfection.

What’s your strong reason ‘why’ for success this year?

Think about the six questions listed above and how they impact your life.

When you know your 'why', you can endure any 'how'." - Viktor E. Frankl

Each Sunday in January, I will be walking my newsletter subscribers through my process of creating books.

Sunday 7th- Mindset/Research

In last week’s poll, I asked “What challenges do you face most in the research phase of book creation?”

Finding profitable niches had the majority of the votes (61.76%). This week’s newsletter will be dedicated to finding profitable niches.

Sunday 14th-Book Creation Process

In last week’s poll, I asked: What is Your Biggest Challenge in the Design Phase of Book Creation?

Cover Design gained 37.5% of the votes. This week’s newsletter will focus on creating quality cover designs with a low budget.

Sunday 21st-Uploading Process

Sunday 28th-Marketing

Sunday 4th Feb - Reviewing Some Of Your Books

To help me prepare content for Sunday 21st, please let me know:

Your Book Cover Matters More Than You Think!

A book’s cover is the first interaction between the author and the potential reader.

Books are always judged by their covers, and a compelling design is crucial.

Many publishers often underestimate the importance of a cover design, overlooking its potential to significantly impact your customer.

The Significance of Cover Design

First Impressions Count:

  • A captivating cover can entice readers, making them pick up your book over alternatives. It’s the first aspect that communicates the genre, tone, and essence of the book.

Professionalism and Credibility:

  • A well-designed cover signals a level of professionalism and credibility, reassuring interested customers of the quality of the content within.

Marketing and Branding:

  • Your cover is a powerful marketing tool. It’s what gets shared on social media, displayed on online retail sites, and showcased on bookshelves.

4 Steps To Create Quality Book Covers

  1. Understand Your Audience and Genre:

  • Know who your readers are and what appeals to them, this is why we covered research in the first week. Study successful cover designs within your niche. Consider the images used, background colors and fonts.

2. Typography and Images:

  • Choose fonts and images that resonate with the target audience and are visually appealing. Ensure the title is clear to see even in thumbnail size.

3. Color Psychology:

  • Colors evoke emotions. Select a color palette that aligns with the mood or theme of your target audience and stands out among the other books in your niche.

4. Opt for Simplicity:

  • A clutter-free, simple design often speaks volumes. Don’t overcrowd the cover; let it breathe.

As a beginner, mastering the art of quality cover design will take time, and your early cover designs won’t be great.

The best way to start learning great cover designs is to practice replicating some best-selling you like on Amazon. Don’t copy any covers but aim to make something unique.

Follow the 4 steps listed above to create quality book covers.

Next, choose a design software tool that you are comfortable making covers and interior pages.

For a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of design, I recommend watching the first six videos from this Canva playlist the learn basic design fundamentals such as principles and color theory.

This video by Canva shows you how to create a book for free.

Photopea is another great design tool similar to photoshop but free or those looking for a tool more advanced than Canva.

Here is a basic tutorial to get you up to speed with photoshop.

To speed up the learning curve for those who struggle with cover design I advise hiring a freelancer or utilizing AI tools for an outstanding cover.

This will accelerate the book creation process, allowing you to concentrate on other areas and overall enhancing the quality of your book.

If you are interested in hiring a freelancer for your covers then I created a video showing my process of hiring 3 freelancers to create low-cost covers for a Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Book.

If you are interested in using AI Tools for creating covers the 3 best tools I have used are Leonardo AI, Midjourney and Dall E-3.

The video shows you how to create covers using Dall E-3 which was created by Open AI and it also gives you access to GPT 4.

This video shows you the basics of creating coloring pages and covers using Midjourney and Canva. It’s an old video but I still recommend going through.

Leonardo AI is another great AI tool, with the free subscription you have a commercial licence to sell. I’ve added a tutorial below to help to create outstanding coloring pages and covers.

Now that we have covers out the way here’s a list of helpful tutorials to create some popular types of books on Amazon via google docs:

How To Make $100+ A Month On Medium In 2024

Medium is one of the most beginner friendly side hustles, you can sign up for the medium partner program today for a small fee and start earning money for each article you write.

I started writing March last year and since June I’ve been consistently earning hundreds each month.

I wrote an article below to help you earn $100 each month on Medium.

Need Help?

At Royalties on Demand, I offer various services tailored to aspiring authors and self-publishers looking to make a mark in the industry.

  • You can find free templates designed to simplify the design process and enhance your books' visual appeal.

  • My one-to-one coaching sessions provide personalized guidance and mentorship, allowing you to face the challenges of publishing with ease.

  • For those looking to delve deeper into the world of AI Coloring Books, my comprehensive eBook is packed with insider tips, strategies, and step-by-step instructions to guide you towards success.

Once again, thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. Have an awesome week ahead and I look forward to catching up with you next week.

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