A Simple Guide To Amazon Auto And Manual Ads

Edition #36

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Welcome to the 36th edition of Royalties on Demand - your guide to generating consistent income online.

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, you will find:

  • 24 KDP Tips For 2024

  • Would You Like Your Book Reviewed?

  • Automatic and Manual Ads for Amazon KDP

  • Why Self-Publishers Quit Amazon KDP in January & Why They Shouldn't

24 KDP Tips For 2024

Last year, Amazon KDP transformed my life, and this year, I hope it does the same for you.

In the video below, I reveal 24 effective tips that tripled my earnings last year compared to the year before.

These simple yet powerful strategies aim to significantly elevate your Amazon KDP success this year.

Each Sunday in January, I will be walking my newsletter subscribers through my process of creating books.

Sunday 7th- Mindset/Research

In the poll, I asked “What challenges do you face most in the research phase of book creation?”

Finding profitable niches had the majority of the votes (61.76%). This newsletter was dedicated to finding profitable niches.

Sunday 14th-Book Creation Process

In the poll, I asked: What is Your Biggest Challenge in the Design Phase of Book Creation?

Cover Design gained 37.5% of the votes. This newsletter was dedicated to finding profitable niches.

Sunday 21st-Uploading Process

In last week’s poll, I asked: What is Your Biggest Challenge in uploading a book to Amazon KDP?

This newsletter was dedicated to Metadata (keywords to use) as it gained 53.5% of the votes.

Sunday 28th-Marketing

In last week’s poll, I asked: What is Your Biggest Challenge in Marketing Your Book?

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to Running ads as it gained 58.82% of the votes.

Sunday 4th Feb - Reviewing Some Of Your Books

To help me prepare content for Sunday 4th Feb, please let me know:

Automatic and Manual Ads for Amazon KDP: A Simple Guide

Once you have uploaded your book to Amazon, don’t just expect it to sell.

You need to promote your books too.

I’ve found Amazon ads to be the best method to promote your books.

It’s important with ads to have the mindset to be prepared to lose money. Only spend what you are happy to lose.

Make sure you are patient with your ads too, don’t expect overnight results, a successful ad campaign takes time, monitoring and adjustments.

Amazon offers two primary advertising options: Automatic Ads and Manual Ads.

Let's break down these options and how you can monitor them effectively.

Automatic Ads

What Are Automatic Ads?

Automatic Ads are the "autopilot" of advertising on Amazon.

When you set up an Automatic Ad, Amazon's algorithms analyze your book and target potential readers based on your book's content and related customer searches.

How to Set Up Automatic Ads

  1. Select Your Book: In your KDP account, choose the book you want to advertise.

  2. Choose Automatic Targeting: Opt for the automatic option.

  3. Set Your Bid: Don’t overthink this step Amazon provides a suggested bid but my preference is towards the lower end. You can always increase or decrease this later depending on the ad’s performance.

  4. Set Your Budget: Decide on a daily budget (the amount you're willing to spend each day).

  5. Choose a Campaign Duration: This can be a set period or ongoing.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Easy to set up; ideal for beginners; Amazon's algorithms do the targeting.

  • Cons: Less control over targeting; might not be as cost-effective.

Manual Ads

What Are Manual Ads?

Manual Ads give you more control. You select specific keywords, customer interests, or products to target, tailoring your ad campaign to a specific audience.

How to Set Up Manual Ads

  1. Select Your Book: Choose the book you want to advertise in your KDP account.

  2. Opt for Manual Targeting: Select the manual ad option.

  3. Choose Keywords or Products: Select specific keywords, products, or categories related to your book.

  4. Set Your Budget and Bids: Decide on your daily budget and how much you’re willing to pay per click on your ad.

  5. Campaign Duration: Choose how long your campaign will run.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Greater control over targeting; potentially more cost-effective if well-managed.

  • Cons: Requires more time and effort; needs regular monitoring and adjustments.

Monitoring Your Ad Campaign

Whether you choose Automatic or Manual Ads, monitoring is crucial to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign.

Steps for Monitoring

  1. Regular Check-Ins: Log into your KDP account regularly to check your ad campaign’s performance.

  2. Performance Metrics: Look at metrics like impressions (how many times your ad was shown), clicks (how many times your ad was clicked), and sales (resulting from your ad).

  3. Cost Analysis: Keep an eye on your spending. Are you getting a good return on investment (ROI)?

  4. Adjustments: Based on performance, you may need to adjust your budget, targeting, or even pause the campaign if it’s very unprofitable.

Common Issues with Ads

If You Are Not Getting Impressions

When your ads are not getting enough impressions, it means they are not being shown to a significant number of potential readers.

Increase Your Bid: Your bid might be too low to compete with other advertisers. Consider increasing your bid amount to make your ad more competitive.

Optimize Your Book's Metadata: The title, description, and keywords of your book listing should be optimized for searchability and relevance. Amazon uses this information to match your book with potential readers.

Expand Your Keywords: In manual campaigns, add more relevant keywords. Broaden your keyword list to include more general terms related to your book's genre or subject matter.

High Impressions But No Clicks

Getting high impressions but no clicks in your Amazon KDP ad campaign indicates a visibility without engagement issue.

Irrelevant Targeting: Your ad may be reaching the wrong audience. If the targeting isn't aligned with the interests and preferences of potential readers, they are less likely to click. In manual campaigns, review and adjust your keywords and targeting options to better match your intended audience.

Unappealing Ad Creative: The ad's visual appeal or the copy might not be engaging enough. The best suggestion would be to change your book cover and create something more appealing.

If You Are Getting Clicks But No Sales

Reevaluate Your Pricing: Your book might be priced too high compared to similar titles in the genre. Research competitive pricing and consider adjusting your price.

Focus on Relevant Targeting: Refine your targeting to ensure you're reaching the most relevant audience. In manual campaigns, this might mean adjusting your keywords or targeting criteria.

Seasonal and Market Trends: Sometimes external factors like seasonality or market trends can affect sales. Be aware of these factors and adjust your expectations and strategies accordingly.

Why Self-Publishers Quit Amazon KDP in January & Why They Shouldn't

Ben from Money On The Side shares why you shouldn’t give up on Amazon KDP in January.

Need Help?

At Royalties on Demand, I offer various services tailored to aspiring authors and self-publishers looking to make a mark in the industry.

  • You can find free templates designed to simplify the design process and enhance your books' visual appeal.

  • My one-to-one coaching sessions provide personalized guidance and mentorship, allowing you to face the challenges of publishing with ease.

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Once again, thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. Have an awesome week ahead and I look forward to catching up with you next week.

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